Collective Action Lawsuit Against Harmony Healthcare

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Premier Litigators recently filed a proposed collective action lawsuit against Harmony Healthcare, LLC (“Harmony”) and its C.E.O., Christian H.G. Brown, under the Fair Labors Standards Act (“FLSA”) for unpaid overtime.

In the proposed collective action lawsuit, Premier Litigators represents multiple individuals who worked as “Account Executives” in Harmony’s Tampa office. As alleged in the lawsuit, their job duties were to conduct sales through cold calls to hospitals to determine whether the hospitals had any staffing needs that could be fulfilled by Harmony. The nature of the employees’ job duties, as alleged in the lawsuit, did not allow Harmony to avoid paying overtime pay for hours worked per week beyond 40 hours.

The lawsuit further alleges that Harmony expected and pressured those employees to work at least 50 hours per week, yet did not pay those employees any overtime pay. As a result, the proposed collective action lawsuit seeks to recover: (i) unpaid overtime for all employees in the same or similar position as the “Account Executives” during the three year period preceding the filing of the lawsuit; (ii) liquidated damages for all such employees; and (iii) attorneys’ fees and costs.

The lawsuit is led by attorney Will Cantrell.

The FLSA requires that absent certain narrow exceptions, every employee must be paid for all hours worked in excess of 40 per week at one half of their regular rate of pay. If you have any questions concerning compensation or any other employment law issue, contact Premier Litigators at (877) 858-6868.

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