Premier Litigators Wins Business Lawsuit Worth Over $500,000

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In early 2018, Premier Litigators filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Tampa-based entrepreneur who purchased an e-commerce business from its owners, Shawn Hodgson and Kelly Hodgson. The lawsuit alleged that the Hodgsons’ made numerous fraudulent and negligent misrepresentations in connection with the sale of an e-commerce business.

The lawsuit was subsequently moved to arbitration. On September 16, 2019, an arbitration panel ruled in favor of our client, the Tampa-based entrepreneur. Specifically, the arbitration panel found that Shawn Hodgson and Kelly Hodgson made materially false representations concerning the financials of the e-commerce business. The false financials inflated the value of the business by over $210,000, according to the arbitrators. In addition to interest on that amount, as the prevailing party our client is entitled to fees and costs valued at approximately $300,000, for a total award of over $500,000.

Shawn Hodgson and Kelly Hodgson were represented by the Sarasota law firm, Williams Parker. Shawn Hodgson and Kelly Hodgson, who were from Fripp Island, South Carolina, now reside in the Honduras. They are or were associated with Shawn & Kelly Inc., Glowbal Inc., Glow Cup, and SKH Partners LP. Shawn and Kelley Hodgson are or were also associated with multiple Mastermind Groups, including Catalyst 88.

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