Premier Litigators, P.A. represents businesses, executives, entrepreneurs, sales producers, attorneys (including general counsel), directors, shareholders/partners, and individuals at all employment levels. Our clients face disputes involving non-compete agreements, shareholder or partnership disputes, wage and hour claims, discrimination and sexual harassment, employee benefits, and whistleblower and retaliation.

We have obtained excellent results for our clients in trials, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings, across a broad spectrum of industries and professions. To provide top-tier legal services, we limit our practice areas to:


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As a litigation boutique, Premier Litigators, P.A. is known for its expertise. Executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and sales producers hire Premier Litigators, P.A. for:

  • Competition disputes – including individuals or teams in transition, unfair competition and intellectual property claims under the Lanham Act, trade secrets, deceptive business practices, and enforceability of restrictive covenants (e.g., non-compete, non-solicit, and non-disclosure agreements).
  • Compensation disputes – including claims for unpaid bonuses, commissions, and stock options.
  • Whistleblower actions – including the False Claims Act and Dodd-Frank Act.

Premier Litigators, P.A. represents partners, shareholders, and LLC members, including those in closely-held companies. Disputes often arise over the direction of company, compensation, allocation of assets, valuation, and unlawful conduct by individual partners, directors, or officers. We understand the sensitivity of many of these situations and, when prudent, work to discreetly resolve disputes.

Premier Litigators, P.A. also represents all levels of employees. We specialize in non-compete and non-solicit disputes (including injunction hearings), unpaid bonuses and commissions, independent contractor misclassification, improperly treating positions as exempt from overtime pay, sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and representing all types of whistleblowers (e.g., reporting fraud, abuse, corruption, or danger to public health or safety), and non-compete and non-solicit defense



Premier Litigators, P.A. is distinguished by talent. Our attorneys hail from top law schools and graduated near the top of their class. Both intellect and judgement are important in the practice of law. Those attributes are no substitute for hard work. Each of our attorneys are committed to working hard on behalf of our clients. View our team here


We have substantial experience across many industries and all professions, including insurance, hospitality, healthcare, law firms, automotive, manufacturing, technology and staffing/recruiting. We represent those needing a non-compete attorney, partnership/shareholder attorney, wage and hour attorney, whistleblower attorney, discrimination/retaliation attorney, or employment attorney, regardless of industry.


Our Miami, Florida office is located at: 777 SW 37th Avenue, Suite 510B, Miami, FL, 33135.

Miami, Florida seats on the southeast tip of Florida and is an internationally known city. Miami is in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Miami-Dade County has a popular of approximately 2.7 million people. Miami is the seventh largest city in the United States. Miami a major hub for domestic and international travel, with primary industries focused on tourism , finance, aviation, media and telecommunications, international trade, and agriculture.

Like much of Florida, Miami is experiencing significant population growth. Miami is known for its professional sports teams, South Beach and Biscayne Bay, Perez Art Museum, art festivals, Olympia Theater, University of Miami, world-renowned cuisine, nightlife, and proximity to the Everglades.

The court system in Miami, Florida include county, state, and federal courts. The state courts in Miami include the county court and circuit court. The circuit court is known as the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Miami-Dade County. The federal court is in the Miami Division of the U.S. Southern District of Florida. Premier Litigators, P.A. practices in virtually every court in Florida, including the state and federal courts in Tampa.


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