Litigation Practice

As a litigation boutique that focuses on competition law, Premier Litigators is selective on the number of clients and types of cases it accepts. We believe our clients are best served by the firm primarily handling disputes that leverage its core competencies. Because of that, clients will have a competitive advantage when using us for the following matters.

Non-Competes and Unfair Competition in Florida & Georgia

A substantial part of the firm’s practice is providing counseling and litigation services relating to restrictive covenants and trade secrets. We regularly enforce and defend non-compete, non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements…

Employment Law in Florida & Georgia

Premier Litigators regularly litigates significant employment related cases. The firm’s track record in this field speaks for itself, both for individual disputes and class/collective actions. By representing companies, executives and individuals…

Business Litigation in Florida & Georgia

Premier Litigators regularly handles significant complex business disputes. By representing companies, executives, and entrepreneurs, our attorneys possess a unique perspective on how to approach each dispute to yield a favorable result.

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